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Is a Q&A Quickie right for me?

We hope so, cause we want to work with you! But, a Q&A Quickie isn't for everyone, so let's make sure it's a fit first.

This service was built for someone who...

  • Needs design help on one specific question but does not require a full-length, 1:1 video consultation.

  • Is looking for an affordable, easy and fast way to get personalized design support.

  • Needs high-level guidance on a design topic to point him or her in the right direction.

  • Has a project decision to make and wants an expert's opinion before moving forward.

  • Wants to try out the Clairrow community before investing in a course or video consultation.


Example Submissions

Check out sample questions that are perfect for our Q&A Quickies format

Recommended retailers

"My design style is Bohemian, but I don't know where to look for furniture at my price point ($500 – $1K per piece). Everything I see online is either way expensive or low quality construction. What retailers should I explore?"

Family Room Sofa

"I have two young kids and a dog, so I need a really cleanable, comfortable option for my family room sofa. I'd love a deep, cozy sectional but I don't want to spend more than $2K. Can you recommend a specific brand or item?"

Mixing styles

"My husband and I are redesigning our home, starting with the bedroom. He likes modern design and I like traditional. How do we mix those styles so we're both happy with the outcome?"

Kitchen window shades

"I'm replacing the window shades in my kitchen. I'd like a motorized option, but I have zero idea on what color or style to do. Here's a photo of the kitchen (attached), and the rest of the house is pretty contemporary in terms of style. What would you recommend?"

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