Fundamentals: Measure & Space Plan

Learn how to measure you room to ensure your furniture will be the right size and scale – and that it will fit through the front door.


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  • 5 content modules with 9 video lessons detailing the right way to measure your room and furniture.

  • Hands-on demonstration of creating a scaled drawing, both on graph paper and on a free computer program.

  • Bonus content on calculating square footage to estimate total wall paint or flooring material you'll need.

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You'll Master the Skills to:

Take accurate measurements of your room using a tape measure

Create a scaled drawing of your room (on graph paper or a computer) to use for furniture layout

Measure your furniture and your home's passageways to ensure the furniture will fit through all entries

Calculate your room's square footage to estimate the total paint, wallpaper, or flooring material you'll need

So...What's Inside?

5 Content Modules • 9 Video Lessons • 30 Minutes

Taking Accurate Measurements

We review how to read a tape measure and demonstrate how to accurately measure a room.

Creating Your Scaled Drawing

Learn to create a scaled drawing of your room – on paper or computer – to use for your furniture layout. 

Measuring Furniture & Passages

Calculate each measurement to ensure your furniture is the right size, scale, and will fit through the door.

Course Wrap-Up

Congrats, you have a scaled drawing to use in your furniture layout! We provide a few ideas for next steps.

Bonus: Calculating Sq. Footage

Painting walls or replacing flooring? Get the perfect formulas to calculate your room's square footage.


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