Design 102:

Products, Goods & Materials

Learn the ins and outs of the products, goods and materials available for any design project. We detail furniture, flooring, window coverings and more.


Enroll for immediate access to:

  • 7 content modules with 22 video lessons covering every detail of a design project's materials.

  • Guide to identifying quality furniture and upholstery, so you can have total confidence when making your selections.

  • Hands-on demo to illustrate light bulb color temperatures.

  • Detailed walkthrough of window coverings, wall coverings, and flooring options, with recommendations based on your style and budget.

  • 60 page workbook full of references + resources (worth $111, included for free!).

  • Lifetime access! Meaning you'll also get any future bonus modules we may add, too.

What are my payment options?

With two payment options, your dream home is just a click away. 

Choose from a one-time payment of $149 or a payment plan of $50 (charged 3 months in a row). With either option, you'll gain immediate, lifetime access to the entire course content. 


So...What's Inside?

7 Content Modules • 22 Video Lessons • 2 Hours


Learn the differences between case goods and upholstery. And, we review exactly what to look for when purchasing quality furniture.


Lighting is the key to making a space feel comfortable. We cover lighting fixtures, correct positioning, bulb types and color temperatures.

Window Coverings

Discover the basics of window treatments – from curtains and draperies, to shades, blinds and shutters. Identify the right covering for your style.

Wall Coverings

The walls are a huge part of any design scheme, even if they're left intentionally blank. We detail paint, wallpaper, trim and other decorative wall coverings.


No project is complete without attention underfoot. We lay out exactly what you need to know about flooring, from wood and tile to carpet and rugs.


Imagine the future design-savvy you

Future you can do all this, and more:

Identify quality case goods + upholstery like a pro.

Layer lighting and infuse the right energy into your space.

Select the right window treatments for your style and architecture.

Navigate the many wall covering options, from paint and wallpaper to trim and wainscoting.

Understand the pros + cons of different flooring options.

Confidently move forward with your design project – especially on those big-ticket items.


Hear from Design 102 Grads

Matt M.

"This course was really well done. I'm working on a full home renovation and I know I'll reference Design 102 throughout the entire project."

Jake C.

"I bought the Design School bundle and originally thought this would be the course I'd need least, but I was so wrong. This course has been immensely helpful. You don't know what you don't know until you know it. And now I'm so glad I know it!"

Michelle K.

This course is so informational, but Alexandra makes working through each module really fun. It's like learning from a friend. Thank you!"

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