Design 101:

Principles & Interior Styles

Uncover your interior design style with a detailed breakdown of the 11 leading style types. Plus, you'll master the core design principles, the key to making a space feel professionally designed.


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  • 5 content modules with 18 video lessons covering design principles and interior styles.

  • Detailed overview of 11 style types across classic, modern, regional and eclectic categories.

  • Recommended brands to shop, based on your style and your budget.

  • Expert ways to incorporate the fundamental design principles in your project.

  • 35 page workbook full of bonus resources (worth $55, included for free!), including a glossary of common industry terms.

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So...What's Inside?

5 Content Modules • 18 Video Lessons • 2 Hours

Intro + Course Outline

A quick welcome + intro on who we are and what you'll learn. We also cover our recommendations on how to get the most out of this course.

What Is Interior Design?

Interior design is the art and science of how we experience a space. Learn more about the history, the profession, and the basic terminology used by the pros.

Design Principles

Design principles are the key to great design. We review exactly how to execute the principles in your interior space for the most successful outcome.

Interior Styles

Deep dive into the 11 major interior design styles across the Classic, Modern, Regional and Eclectic categories, and identify what speaks to you.

Course Wrap-Up

You are now a well-educated, style savvy, design guru! We wrap up the course learnings and provide a few ideas for next steps.

Imagine the future design-savvy you

Future you has all this, and more:

Comprehensive understanding of 11 major interior design styles – including the defining features with tons of examples and related style types.

Clear vision of your personal design style and how you can make it work in your home.

Interior designer approved brands to shop, based on your style preference and price point.

Appreciation for the basic design principles, which are the key to making a space feel 'finished'.

Confidence to move forward in designing your home, knowing you're supported with the expertise of an industry veteran.


Hear from Design 101 Grads

Catrina D.

"I always thought I loved Mid-Century Modern, until I took Design 101. Now, I've totally revamped my design style thanks to Clairrow! I'm a Coastal girl through and through, and my home is so much more me."

Meggie C.

"I just moved across the country, and went from a tiny apartment to a 4-bedroom house. After taking Design 101, I realized my old furniture was SO off in terms of scale and proportion. I bought a few new items that work so much better in my home, and my space finally feels right."

Zach W.

I've been trying to furnish my house for a year, but had so much trouble because I didn't know what to call my design style. After an hour with Clairrow, I knew exactly what I liked and how to Google it. Thank you!"

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