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The idea for Clairrow started around my parents' dinner table. As a family, we’d recently purchased a rehabbed row house, where my sister and I were planning to live. I thought it’d be easy to design our new home – my mom, Catherine, is an interior designer and has owned a residential firm for 20+ years. I’d recently joined her team full-time.

But once we started discussing design options, my sister and I were stuck. How would we mix our styles? Where could we purchase quality products in our budget? Would those pieces be the right size or scale?

Luckily, we had our mom to guide us through every step of the complicated process. But, I realized how intimidating it would be to pull one room together by myself, let alone to design an entire, cohesive house. The home is supposed to be your sanctuary, where you relax and recharge. Without my mom's expertise, our home would have instead been a source of frustration and embarrassment. 

So I started thinking... what do you do if your parents are accountants?

The world is full of design inspo websites or “we do it for you” services. But what about the very capable design-DIYers, who just need that expert direction?

I kept getting a call from the universe to share my mom's brain with a wider audience. And so, we condensed her decades of industry knowledge into digestible workshops. Our courses are built to give you control of your design, timeline and budget, but you're also armed with a blueprint for success through every step.

The name “Clairrow” is a mashup of the street name and town of my childhood home (the same house where this idea was born!). I hope Clairrow empowers you to create a space with that same cozy feeling – a home that radiates warmth, love and good memories.

Xoxo & happy designing!


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